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Wandong Rammed Earth House

project features

  • High mass. Rammed earth internal walls ensure exceptional warmth.
  • Context rich. Rural topography provides design cues to internal layout.
  • Intimate nooks. Spaces to read, play, observe the bushland.
  • Well grounded. Built to withstand bushfires.
  • Front elevation
    Front elevation
  • Rural setting
    Rural setting
  • House plan
    House plan
  • South elevation
    South elevation
  • West elevation
    West elevation
  • Study model
    Study model
  • Rural setting
    Rural setting

This new three-bedroom family home, just north of Melbourne, has a gorgeous rural setting. We sited the home between a recently levelled area, to provide a practical, garden fore court, and the bushland beyond.

Rammed earth, teamed with galvanised steel external cladding evens out temperature variations in the home, creating year-round comfort. When temperatures soar, an elongated, single-room layout encourages cooling by capturing breezes.

The home’s floor plan mirrors the site’s topography, saving excavation costs and creating a unique, dynamic home. Room heights vary, roofs diverge, an internal bridge links the elevated master bedroom and the sunken private studio with feature windows. 

This internal richness creates both intimate and communal spaces: a day bed by a picture window; sliding doors open to expand the dining room to outside entertaining; a private balcony for the master bedroom.