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House in House

project features

  • New build. Great space planning and comfort from the get-go.
  • Outdoor living. Courtyard retreat for one, expansive outdoor entertaining area for many.
  • Custom designed. From puss's door to an indoor/outdoor shower. 
  • Storage solutions. Ample place for everything.
  • House in House, a new home in a heritage streetscape
    House in House, a new home in a heritage streetscape
  • Dining room to rear garden
    Dining room to rear garden
  • Inner courtyard, room for 1+1; plentiful inbuilt storage
    Inner courtyard, room for 1+1; plentiful inbuilt storage
  • Main bedroom; bathroom, a splash of green
    Main bedroom; bathroom, a splash of green
  • Shower: indoors.....and out
    Shower: indoors.....and out
  • Hallway 'spine'; Puss incoming
    Hallway 'spine'; Puss incoming
  • Room to room
    Room to room
  • Sightlines; Kitchen with feature splashback
    Sightlines; Kitchen with feature splashback
  • Material diversity
    Material diversity
  • The sun-filled rear garden
    The sun-filled rear garden


Winner: House in a Heritage Context, Houses Awards, 2015

Shortlisted: Australian Institute of Architects' Victorian Architecture Awards, 2015 

House in House is a new build in a streetscape with significant heritage value. Our idea was that the home be an ‘uneasy fit’ within the street, creating a dialogue, an ongoing easy tension, with its predominantly Federation-style neighbours. House in House contains five distinct internal pavilions or houses and three courtyards or voids. Each of the pavilions or houses has discrete functions, and each individual house is linked through a main axis, doubling as circulation spine.

The courtyards punctuate the pavilions, drawing in natural light and ventilation. The largest courtyard frames the limits of the block and is for outdoor entertaining under a pergola. The smaller courtyards feature lush plantings, a retreat for one or two. This project is designed to passive solar principles.

2015 Houses Awards Jury Citation:

In this thoughtful project in inner-city Melbourne, the architect has combined a conscious design philosophy of "architecture as background" with the pragmatic requirements of accommodating an energetic and busy professional lifestyle. Even though the site for the project exists within an area protected by a heritage overlay, the original building was regarded as "non contributory," meaning the architect had no formal heritage-related obligations that would influence design decisions. Confident but subtle architectural propositions have been made both in the functional organization of the dwelling and in its publicly visible form. A sequence of activity spaces is interspersed with open areas to create a light and spatially expansive building. These spaces are well planned, enabling a sense of community while also providing privacy. Clever material choice, deft form making and gentle disguise combine to create a fine addition to the heritage place. This project replaces a "non contributory" building with one of note, providing a fine example of how considered judgments and design strength can offer new ways of dealing with our living environments.

See Houses Awards for more information.



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