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Glen Iris House

project features

  • Extension of the terraced backyard into the building
  • Curved wall to form the outdoor living area
  • Void between dining room and study
  • Energy efficient architecture required for luxury Glen Iris home.
  • The outdoor space
    The outdoor space
  • Garden view
    Garden view
  • Damien’s early sketches
    Damien’s early sketches
  • First elevations
    First elevations
  • Six months later, a new kitchen
    Six months later, a new kitchen
  • and a rumpus room
    and a rumpus room
  • Main bedroom
    Main bedroom
  • Living spaces
    Living spaces
  • Study, void and winter sun
    Study, void and winter sun
  • Main bathroom
    Main bathroom
  • Indoors, out
    Indoors, out
  • Thanks for building, Pat
    Thanks for building, Pat

On our first site visit we were immediately drawn to the leafy and terraced backyard that provided the inspiration for our design.  Hence we developed a terraced building that follows the slope of the site and merges into the backyard making it the destination of an upwards journey through the house.

The internal zoning is clear and simple. The front belongs to the children from where you enter the family living spaces. A stair behind the kitchen leads you to the parents’ wing on the first floor with access to a private roof terrace.

We paid attention to balanced natural light, the effects of sun and shadows, the different characters and the relationships between spaces: dining downstairs and study upstairs are connected through a void, the stair is ‘hidden’, dining and lounge are linked by a curved wall which creates a communal outdoor dining area. Building form and facade were developed to evoke the qualities of a tree to become part of the backyard itself.


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