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Clifton Hill Courtyard House

project features

  • New two storey family home with outreach to the street and neighbourhood
  • Zoning, materials and construction detail focussed on reduced need for heating and cooling
  • Current and future flexibility
  • Artist designed stair as focal point
  • Stair balustrade by Laura Woodward
    Stair balustrade by Laura Woodward
  • Garden view
    Garden view
  • Passive solar design concept
    Passive solar design concept
  • Central courtyard
    Central courtyard
  • Children’s’ room open and private
    Children’s’ room open and private
  • View from dining room
    View from dining room
  • Dining room casual
    Dining room casual
  • Dining room formal
    Dining room formal
  • Kitchen with view
    Kitchen with view
  • Stair and movement
    Stair and movement

As with all of our designs, the starting point for this new residence in Clifton Hill was to consider the long and short term needs of the owners; in this case a young, growing family who have adopted this neighbourhood for their new home. Our design approach was to compose a series of spatial relationships within the house itself, between the inside and outdoor living spaces as well as the residence and the street.

We focused on opportunities to bring the family together as well as giving them spaces to enjoy time apart. Adult’s and children’s rooms can be physically and acoustically separated while still allowing the capacity for supervision and interaction. A timber deck in the frontyard can be used as a play area and a roof terrace allows for views without compromising the neighbours’ privacy.

Encouraging flexible use of spaces allows for a more sustainable home, with this in mind we have introduced large sliding panels or curtains so that habitable rooms can be open and casual or intimate and formal.

The stair was designed to be an aesthetic focal point in the centre of the house. The balustrade was created by artist Laura Woodward and is a defining feature of the living space.


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