Casetta Pre-Fab

project features

  • Flat-pack house designed to fit into shipping container
  • Modular design assembled for a number of sizes and configurations
  • Suitable for different locations
  • Reduced construction times and cost
  • Main approach
    Main approach
  • Concept
  • Module – living and bedroom wings
    Module – living and bedroom wings
  • Single storey plan option
    Single storey plan option
  • Double storey plan option
    Double storey plan option
  • Building form options
    Building form options
  • Two bedroom house
    Two bedroom house
  • Four bedroom house
    Four bedroom house
  • Assembly
  • Country house
    Country house
  • Beach house
    Beach house

This prefabricated house that we are developing with one of our partners is being made in a factory, then shipped to and assembled on site. The key idea for our design was to size all building elements to allow them be packed into a shipping container. 

Floor, wall and roof panels are made from a composite of concrete and polystyrene that provide structural integrity, mass as well as thermal insulation.

We developed a modular plan for a living room and bedroom wing. The modules can be mounted together and stacked in a number of configurations to create houses with at least one up to four bedrooms. The modules sit on a steel frame making it possible to suit a number of different locations both in dense urban, suburban and rural environments. The construction times as well as costs will be significantly reduced.