Bayswater Aged Care

project features

  • Hybrid of aged care facility and hospital
  • Design that draws on the notion of home
  • Central communal hub and child care
  • Passive solar design
  • Rainwater collection (50,000 l tank)
  • Approach
  • Master plan
    Master plan
  • Design concept
    Design concept
  • Building form and facade articulation
    Building form and facade articulation
  • Facade study
    Facade study
  • Hybrid
  • Sunshading
  • Community
  • Serenity
  • Grace

This is aged care facility was intended to be a hybrid: it is both a home and institution; a nursing home as well as a hospital and it is designed to relate to its Australian neighbourhood as well as bringing something of the cultural heritage of its German speaking residents. 

The design aims to encourage the residents to interact with their physical and social environment, while speaking to their ethno-specific cultural needs.  The work environment was also an important consideration. Our design centres on a community hub; a dining hall, Internet cafĂ©, hairdresser, multi-purpose room and childminding facility. The hub expands to outdoor dining areas, sensory gardens, communal balconies and children’s playgrounds. All living rooms are designed to be personalised. They have bay windows with inbuilt desks and window boxes for plants, which can be attended by the residents allowing them to personalise the facade, drawing on the notion of home. It was designed in association with Paul Gardiner.