Steffen Welsch
  • Proposed 9 star apartments from St Georges Rd, Thornbury.
    Proposed 9 star apartments from St Georges Rd, Thornbury.


Steffen grew up in former East Germany where he studied architecture at Bauhaus University, the birthplace of one of the most influential art and architecture movements of the 20th century. (Several of the buildings where Steffen studied have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.) 

Steffen set up Steffen Welsch Architects in 2003, after arriving in Australia ten years earlier and working at Australian firms, Williams Boag Architects and Denton Corker Marshall.

Steffen is actively involved in the architecture and sustainable design communities. He is a member of the Sustainability Committee of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, talks at industry events, and advocates for sustainable residential and multi-residential architecture to the broader community. He was one of the founders of the Deutsche Schule Melbourne (German International School), is a soccer goalie, and listens to Gustav Mahler, Led Zeppelin, and Public Enemy at full blast.

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